Vacuum Truck Services

When it comes to removal, handling or clean-up of solids, liquids and slurries, Riley Industrial Services can save you time and money. Our powerful and efficient industrial vacuum equipment is designed to handle a full spectrum of our clients vacuum needs, with state-of-the-art technology.

Industrial Vacuum Loader

A modern fleet of over 31 wet/dry industrial vacuum trucks (Supersucker and Guzzler models) are real work horses with up to 27 inches of vacuum. They have a vacuum loading capacity of 5,800 cubic feet per minute and can move solids, liquids or slurries a distance of 500 feet through 8-inch pipe. Their 16-cubic-yard tanks feature rapid, vibrator-assisted dumping.

GapVax Hydroexcavators

We currently have 22 GapVax hydro excavation trucks. Each has a high pressure water pump included and have the capability of using hot water for frozen conditions.

Proven Experience

Riley has years of vacuum loading experience in a wide range of industries. We are equipped to handle virtually any industrial vacuuming application, including:

Refineries, Gas Processing Plants, drilling locations and production facilities, catalyst transfer and removal, cleaning sludge from storage tanks, abrasive removal after sandblasting, and waste sump cleaning.

  • Coal Fired Power Generating Stations: Removing fly ash, bottom ash sludge, bag house cleaning, with complete outage services.
  • Oil Field: Vacuum removal of all drilling mud and waste found in reserve pits. Oil field production tanks, reserve pits or flow back tanks.
  • Oil spill cleanup.
  • Other Industries: Paper mills, copper smelters, cement plants, water and sewage treatment plants and chemical plants.

Powerful and Versatile

Riley’s industrial vacuum loaders are truck-mounted for high mobility and all are equipped with fiberglass-lined tanks to accommodate corrosive fluids, acids, and other difficult to handle material.

Clean and Efficient

Riley vacuum loaders feature the latest technological developments. Extremely efficient filtration systems, which can remove particles down to one micron in size, give quick, clean and thorough results and the speed and effectiveness of our service can actually cut the cost of clean up. Riley has the experience and equipment to handle your job!

Liquid Vacuum Truck Services

  • 2 trucks available
  • Dual Moro PM100 460 CFM  pumps, 27 inch vacuum capacity.
  • 27 inch pressure to pump off for unloading of heavy BS&W, crude oil, fuel, etc.
  • Able to haul 75 bbl of liquid, sludge or BS&W material.
  • Capable of 30 feet of vertical pull.

DOT Spec Trucks

  • 8 trucks available.
  • Capable of handling any and all LEL products

Vapor Recovery Trucks

  • 2 trucks available.
  • Zero emissions with hydrocarbon scrubbers
  • Dual Moro PM100 460 CFM  pumps, 27 inch vacuum capacity.
  • 27 inch pressure to pump off for unloading of BS&W, crude oil, fuel, etc.
  • Contain 75 bbl of liquid, sludge or BS&W material.
  • Approximately 30 feet of vertical pull.


  • Refineries, Compressor Stations and all Oil Field applications: Vacuum fuel and crude oil from storage tanks. Transferring liquids from one vessel to another. Vacuuming of liquids with high LEL’s.
  • Other: Chemical and Ethanol plants.

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